7 Snacks to Keep You Full and Fueled

I’m sure most of you have dealt with this exact same problem. From the moment, the alarm goes off in the morning, it seems I’m constantly trying to beat the clock for the remainder of the day.

And then it hits me – the hunger! In my effort to make something happen with my day, I forget to eat! In those moments between jumping from one thing to another, I must have snacks that can keep up with my active lifestyle.

But what snacks are not only healthy, but fulfilling as I go about my day? I get this question ALL the time. We get all this information bombarding us on what’s good for us and things get confusing quick. This confusion leads us to picking up whatever is in front of us without knowing what the hell it is or what’s in it!

Not to fear! To help weed through this confusion, I’ve composed a list of my seven favorite grab n' go snacks, that make life SO much easier and keep you healthy AND satisfied. Some might be a lot more simple than you might think - take a look below:

  • NUTS
    • Easy, breezy, and convenient. This superfood is full of high protein and healthy fat. I like to fill a little baggy and grab a handful when I’m feeling a little fatigued. Look for the unsalted versions – May seem bland at first, but you won’t feel thirsty and you won’t be contributing to your possibly high sodium count (thanks, American diet).
    • When you’re headed into Starbucks every morning, look around and notice all the FRUIT that is there. Every coffee shop, grocery store or convenience store has their fair share of fruit. This is the universe giving you ample opportunity to grab a quick energy booster. Take advantage of it.
    • No – not just any kind of chips - Check for SPECIFICALLY non-GMOs and always buy organic for optimal health. The 365 Brand from Whole Foods Market is one of my favorites!
    • Yup, you read that right, dark chocolate is a very grounding food. It’s an excellent source of…look for brands that list cocoa as the first ingredient and try to shoot for bars that have 70%+ of cocoa.
    • Everything you need in terms of proteins, fats and GOOD carbs can all be found in this easy snack.
    • Look for brands that are non-GMO and organic. And avoid whey as much as possible. My current favorite are the gomacro bars! -- you honestly can't go wrong with any of their flavors!
  • Last, but not least, WATER.
    • Funny enough, sometimes we’re not actually hungry, but we are just extremely thirsty. Carry a bottle of water around with you, and keep that body hydrated. Maybe then you’ll realize you aren’t so hungry after all.


What are your favorite snacks to carry on-the-go? Feel free to share!

Hayes Callaway